Following a longtime passion, Heather Hirosky opened up her own home decor and design store Harper Row Home in 2018 west of FM 423 on King Road in west Frisco.

Hirosky owned an architectural salvage business in Dallas for 20 years and sold out of that in 2018, she said.

“I spent some time thinking I wanted to just go get a job again, work for someone else, but I was over 50 and starting over, and it just wasn’t working,” Hirosky said. “I always loved doing home decor and design ... so I decided to start this business in the middle of 2018.”

This love of home decor and curated design elements originates with Hirosky’s parents, she said.

Hirosky’s family grew up in rural Pennsylvania, so antiques and heritage were an important part of her family, she said.

“My parents and I grew up going to antique auctions and Amish auctions and things like that, so it just instilled a love for beautiful furniture and the history that’s behind it,” Hirosky said.

In addition, her mother was an interior designer who worked out of a little design store. Hirosky worked there in the summers when she was a teenager, she said.

The influence from her family is reflected in her shop, including in the name.

Hirosky’s maiden name is Harper, and her family originates from the United Kingdom, which influenced her name choice.

“I’ve always been proud of my name, and we’re of a British lineage so I felt like [Harper Row] sounded like a street that you might see somewhere in a little town in the UK,” Hirosky said. “I just wanted to pay homage to my family with the name.”

The shop sells a variety of products, from soy candles in milk jars to canvas signs, jewelry, furniture pieces and more. Items can be purchased online and picked up curbside, or free local delivery is also available on purchases over $5 and within a 5-mile radius, according to the website.

Hirosky also makes it a point to support entrepreneurship and female-owned businesses when possible, she said.

She gets products from several small female-owned businesses, including jewelry, paintings and glass works, she said.

“For me as a small business, it’s great not having to buy large quantities from big distributors,” Hirosky said. “And then I get to see where they’re from and learn their stories.”

Hirosky said what makes Harper Row Home unique is the mix between new pieces and antique pieces that influenced her love of home decor.

“I think that’s something people appreciate,” Hirosky said. “They come in and they get ideas that inspire them to know that they can work with what they already have, but maybe just incorporate a few new things.”

Harper Row Home

105 King Road, Frisco


Hours: Mon.-Wed. by appointment, Thu.-Sat. 11 a.m.-5 p.m., Sun. 1-4 p.m.