Terry Ellis, owner of Consignment Crush, said she chose the name of her business for two reasons. She said she knew the word “consignment” had to be the first word of the name to result in frequent internet hits. The word “crush” she chose to explain the feeling people have when walking through her store and find themselves irresistibly attracted to an item.

Ellis and business associate Randy Jacobs were driving down Oak Street in downtown Frisco in The Rail District shopping area when they saw a quaint house that was zoned for commercial use and knew they had found the home for her business.

Ellis leased the six-bedroom house, complete with a spacious porch and garage, and opened her doors for business in February 2020.

“It’s so different to open a business when you have a pandemic,” Ellis said. “They would make an announcement on the news to stay home, and business would slow down.”

Now that everything is open again, Ellis said business has been great.

Consignment Crush differs from other consignment stores in that the space is not divided into booths. Customers meander from room to room with loose themes, such as warm tones, rustic, feminine and more. Ellis describes her inventory as a menagerie of eclectic, traditional, contemporary, Asian influence and other decor styles representing eras spanning from the 1800s to 2000s.

“I opened up to cater to my artistic friends and thought people like them would like something like this, where they find something eclectic, find treasures,” Ellis said. “A lot of people say it’s a hidden gem, that it reminds them of Austin or Santa Fe.”

Consignment Crush

6811 Oak Street, Frisco



Hours: Mon.-Sat. 10 a.m.-6 p.m., closed Sunday