Caymen Hewitt attributes a 2018 car crash with setting her on a path that led to owning The Painted Teacup. The injuries she sustained in the crash prevented her from continuing to work at her corporate architecture job and caused her to re-evaluate everything in her life, she said.

Hewitt opted to make a major life change and go into business with her mother, Sheila Hewitt.

“Ultimately, a car crash got me where I am today,” Hewitt said.

The mother-daughter duo opened The Painted Teacup in Frisco in August 2019.

The business name is steeped in family history.

“Painting is a big part of our family history, and I have an English father so the idea of teatime every day was a big notion in our household,” Hewitt said.

Prior to opening The Painted Teacup, Hewitt honed her artistic skills for 10 years as she painted pottery pieces and sold them via Etsy.

Hewitt said The Painted Teacup’s top three bestselling products are wine tumblers, handprint platters and flower vases.

Wine tumblers are stemless ceramic wine glasses and cost $22-$30. The Painted Teacup hosts wine nights, during which guests enjoy wine tastings while painting a wine glass.

Handprint platters, which can also be footprint platters or a combination of both, start at $45 and are popular because of their commemorative factor. Hewitt said she has customers who come in every year to make a platter so they can have a sentimental visual of their child’s growth.

“We blink, and the kids grow up, and we forget that they were 7, and their hands were that size at one time,” Hewitt said.

Flower vases cost $30-$36 and rank in the top three because of their customizable factor. Hewitt pointed out a personalized vase has much more meaning to the recipient than a generic vase.

Hewitt said her favorite thing about owning and operating this business is building relationships.

“I’m watching them grow as a family. That’s probably one of my favorite parts, the personal connection I have with a lot of these families,” Hewitt said.

Although Frisco has the only location, the mother-daughter team already refers to it as their flagship store. Hewitt said within five years they hope to open additional locations in the metroplex.

The Painted Teacup

2552 Stonebrook Parkway, Ste. 825, Frisco


Hours: Wed.-Fri. and Sun. noon-6 p.m., Sat 10 a.m.-6 p.m.