The National Weather Service expects winter storms and icy road conditions in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to last through Thursday morning.

A winter storm warning has been extended through 6 a.m. Feb. 2. Meteorologist Jason Dunn does not expect any snow, but he anticipates freezing rain to continue through Wednesday, Feb. 1.

“We're gonna get a little break [Tuesday] evening and if there is any [precipitation] around, it should be pretty light. But temperatures are still on point so anything that falls is going to freeze,” Dunn said.

Widespread icing on bridges, overpasses and surface streets is expected. The weather service advises motorists to stay off the roads through Wednesday. The roads are expected to begin clearing up later in the day on Thursday, as temperatures rise above freezing, Dunn said.

“[Temperatures will] start to warm up a little bit [Wednesday], but we're still looking like we're going to be mostly below freezing. We may not actually warm up above freezing until sometime on Thursday,” Dunn said.

The storms will not be continuous through Feb. 2, with a mix of freezing rain and sleet expected. There is also a low chance of downed power lines and tree damage due to ice, according to the weather service.