A new bridge in west Flower Mound will begin construction sometime this year and will be ready for use next year.

The Denton Creek Boulevard Bridge project is expected to receive bids on March 26, town officials said. On March 4, Flower Mound Town Council approved of an amendment to the interlocal cooperation agreement with Denton County for the construction of the Denton Creek Boulevard Bridge.

The details

The project includes construction of a new multispan bridge over Denton Creek, two 12-inch water lines, an 8-inch reuse water line, and a multiuse trail extension, information from the town website states. The bridge will be built on the north end of Denton Creek Boulevard.

Design and right-of-way acquisition have been finalized for the project. The project budget is a little over $7 million, with funding coming from impact fees, Denton County bond money and project savings, town officials said.

The background

A Town Council agenda states the Denton County Transportation Road Improvement Program was listed as Proposition A on the Nov. 8, 2022, Election Day ballot, and the program, approved by voters, funds more than 119 projects in more than 32 municipalities and unincorporated areas, including this bridge project.

The projects include state highways, local arterials within cities, safety improvements, and county roads and bridges, the council memo states. The Denton Creek Boulevard Bridge will be a new four-lane urban minor arterial bridge with bicycle lanes over Graham Creek. Construction is expected to start in mid- to late 2024, and the bridge is expected be ready by mid-2025, town officials said.