Argyle town leaders have updated the town’s comprehensive plan.

City Council approved the plan, which is used to help guide leaders' future decisions on the town's development, at a June 17 meeting.

A public hearing was also held for the plan at the June 17 meeting.

The background

The new plan updates one from 2018. Nabila Nur, director of community development for the town, said town staff and a comprehensive plan advisory committee, or CPAC, whose members were appointed by council, worked on the update.

Representatives from Freese and Nichols, an engineering, planning and consulting firm, assisted on some of the components of the update, such as maps and review of the draft.

“We had lots of different opinions in the group, but now that I look back, I appreciate it so much because through those conversations we were able to get where are today,” Nur said about the CPAC.

Zooming in

Among the principles that came out of the plan was that conflicts among current land use, future land use and zoning should be resolved. Another recommendation was that the thoroughfare plan, last updated in 2009, should be reviewed, and its update is part of the new comprehensive plan.

Nur said the planning and zoning commission had two recommendations for the plan:
  • The amount of retail and commercial designation along the I-35 corridor should be reduced. Nur said no specifications were made as to how much or where reductions should be made.
  • The proposed connection/extension of Gateway Boulevard from Sam David Road to Old Justin Road should be removed.
Council approved the plan without the proposed removal of the Gateway to Old Justin Road connector from the thoroughfare plan. In addition, one other approval was updating the future land use plan, which serves as a guide for day-to-day land use decisions and helps with future transportation and infrastructure improvements, the comprehensive plan states.