A Flower Mound residential development will receive infrastructure reimbursements after Town Council approved a development agreement June 3.

Council approved a development agreement with Toll Southwest LLC for the construction of certain master-planned town roadway, utility and park improvements associated with the Townlake phases 5 and 6 residential development. The amount approved was $1.78 million.

The details

Public Works Director Clay Riggs presented information to council members on the development before they approved the item in a unanimous vote. He said most of the reimbursement—$1.756 million—will be for roadway improvements.

Toll Brothers’ infrastructure permits for Townlake phases 5 and 6 are under review, Flower Mound Communications Director Melissa Demmitt said in an email.

"We would expect the permits to be issued and for them to break ground [on the development] sometime mid-summer," she said.

The background

Toll Southwest LLC is developing a 107.262-acre, 65-lot Townlake phases 5 and 6 residential subdivision. As part of the construction, Toll Southwest will build certain master-planned town improvements, including trails, streets and water utilities, according to a council agenda memo. This agreement allows town officials to reimburse Toll Southwest LLC—which is associated with Toll Brothers—for the town’s share of the costs associated with these infrastructure improvements.

The memo states that as part of the overall development, Toll Southwest will upsize the town’s multiuse trail connection along Cross Timbers Road from an 8-foot multiuse trail to a 12-foot multiuse trail section to match the town’s trails master plan.

Town officials said, as part of the overall development, Toll Southwest will rebuild Scenic Drive from FM 1171 to the intersection with Walsingham Drive, construct Walsingham Drive from Flower Mound Road to the intersection with Scenic Drive and install a master-planned 12-inch water line along Walsingham Drive.