Highland Village residents may experience temporary changes to their drinking water.

What you need to know

The city’s public water system will undergo a water disinfection process March 18-April 16. The public water system will temporarily convert the disinfectant used in the distribution system from chloramine to free chlorine, according to a city announcement. Consumers may experience changes to their water’s taste and odor during this period.


Disinfecting drinking water is necessary to protect consumers from pathogens such as bacteria or viruses. Public water systems are required to properly disinfect and maintain an adequate disinfectant residual in the distribution system, according to the release.

Chloramine, which is formed by combining chlorinated water with small amounts of ammonia, is a widely used disinfectant because it persists for long periods while also limiting the formation of disinfection by-product contaminants.

More information on the water disinfection process can be found here.