Argyle town leaders want to honor veterans with a memorial at Unity Park.

Council approved action on funding or accepting donations for a veterans memorial to be constructed at the park, located at 135 Crawford Road, at its April 17 meeting.

Council Member Ronald Schmidt proposed the town build something similar to Highland Village’s veterans memorial, which features stones with the adjoining placards, Town Administrator Erika McComis said.

“We’ll be getting with the Denton County Master Gardeners and getting it constructed there at Unity Park,” she said.

The town approved to spend up to $8,000, McComis said, adding that Schmidt will have a few people donate some part to it. After the town’s contribution, people can purchase placards.

“We want to keep them at a low cost so that everyone can get the memorials that they want for their family members,” McComis said.

McComis expects the project to start in the next two months. No timetable has been set for project completion.

“We have a lot of veterans in our community, and we just would really like to memorialize them and celebrate them, and I’m hoping that we can get a little history of each person as we go through this and understand what they’ve been through, and what they mean to our country and to our city,” McComis said. “I think it’s a great effort and a great part of our history as Argyle. And we have a great community that participates and has done a lot. So it’s just a time to memorialize [veterans].”