Argyle ISD Construction Manager Jeff Cohen gave construction updates on the district's fourth elementary school—scheduled to open in fall 2024—during the Sept. 18 board of trustees meeting. The new school, referred to as Elementary School #4, was announced in a news release March 22.


Elementary School #4 was one of two new schools included in a 2022 voter-approved bond package to meet the district's 10-Year Strategic Growth Plan. The fifth elementary school is set to open in 2026.

Elementary School #4 will serve grades K-5 with a 850-student capacity. The campus will be located west of I-35, on the the northwest corner of 17th Strett and Cleveland Gibbs Road. The 23-acre construction site was donated to Argyle ISD by Hillwood Properties, developer of Harvest.

According to the release, the district is estimated to double its elementary student enrollment of 2,400 students by 2033. The district opened its third elementary campus in Flower Mound last fall.

A closer look

Cohen said the construction process of the school was "continuing to make good progress." Site utilities, such as underground waterlines, storm drains and electrical conduits, concrete grade beams and a gas line, are still being installed.

Cohen said the paving and expansion of Cleveland Gibbs Road has started as well, and is set to be completed next month. Other major activities include the hauling of excess spoil materials such as rocks; coordinating gas and electricity plans; and continuing construction of underground plumbing.

The first slab pour is scheduled for Sept. 25. Steel erection and masonry will also begin in November.

Quote of note

"We should see [the expansion of] Cleveland Gibbs next month being completed, and then we'll just continue to work through that as fast as possible and looking for ways every day to pick up time," Cohen said.