Husband and wife Clayton and Katie Flurry purchased Lakeside Urban Grocery in March and changed the business name to Flurry's Market Lakeside.

“We have a partnership with Local Pint, a privately owned draft house and diner in Flower Mound, who will serve as our sole beer provider and operator,” Clayton said in an email.

Some items on the bistro menu include Cajun fried crawfish po'boy and prime chopped brisket sandwich. The grab-and-go menu features items such as Flurry's Southwest breakfast bowl and rosemary lemon garlic chicken with seasonal vegetables.

Flurry's Market Lakeside also offers meat, seafood, desserts, premium wine and craft beer.

Clayton said this location was chosen because Lakeside DFW is an amazing community that is growing.

“We can leverage the proximity of our main location and suppliers thereof to provide excellent fresh food items to Lakeside at a very reasonable retail price,” he said. “Our goal is to become a food and drink destination for our customers. A destination that they are proud of and that’s not solely considered a convenience store you only visit in a pinch.”