The Argyle Planning and Zoning Commission is recommending construction of two new businesses—a car wash and a technology center—to Town Council.

The car wash, Fast Lane Car Wash, could open as soon as 2024 if council approves the commission's recommendation, per commission officials. The technology center would consist of up to nine buildings, according to the commission's report.

The details: If approved, Fast Lane Car Wash would be located at the intersection of FM 407 and Avalon Boulevard. The technology center would be built on a plot of land near the post office and town hall.
  • The car wash would sit on nearly 3 acres of land.
  • Per the planning and zoning agenda, Fast Lane would be a "self-serve" car wash.
  • Construction on the car wash could begin this summer, if approved by council.
  • Per the planning and zoning agenda, the technology center would sit on approximately 10 acres of land.
Big plans: Officials said the technology center would consist of one main building and eight office buildings.

Next steps: Council must approve both recommendations separately before construction can begin.

In other news: The commission heard public comments on possibly rezoning a 33-acre plot of land to single-family residential along the south side of Sam Davis Road and the west side of Postmaster Lane.