Wielding decades of construction industry experience, Melinda Page, her daughter Danielle Page and family friend Stephanie Knibbs opened Everybody’s Got a Project in September 2023.

Located in Flower Mound, the home remodeling supply store also draws on Knibbs' human resource skill set, Melinda Page's merchandising experience, and Danielle Page's past work installing plumbing and lighting.

“That construction and real estate experience helped me a lot,” Danielle Page said. “I use it all the time to figure out the value you're putting into your house versus what you’ll get out of it in terms of resale value.”

The inspiration

While working as a contractor on other people’s projects, Danielle said she noticed the amount of time clients spent trying to find items for their projects.

“We found our clients had a really hard time finding everything they needed without going to 87 different places and taking 6 months to pick it out,” Danielle Page said. “We thought there needed to be a solution to that, so we decided to be that solution and that one-stop-shop.”

What’s in a name?

Prior to opening a brick and mortar, Melinda and Danielle Page owned a real estate holding company where they flipped houses, which they named EGAP Properties.

“EGAP is our last name backwards,” Danielle said. “After some time, when people kept asking us what it meant, we thought about it and realized everybody's got a project.”

The big picture

Everybody’s Got a Project's showroom features flooring, cabinets, countertops and more.

“We encourage people to send us pictures of their inspiration and let us help source those things for them,” Melinda Page said. “None of us are licensed designers but we have partnered with some licensed designers in the area that have given us, and our customers, special pricing packages.”

Who it’s for

The three co-owners said customers come through their doors for myriad of reasons such as wanting to install a zero-threshold shower or replacing wood flooring. Different stages in life propel customers to seek their services including newlyweds buying their first house, retired couples renovating their family home to last the next 40 years and all milestones in between, they said.

Quote of note

In addition to helping customers on site, the co-owners also go to homes to bid jobs. They all said they enjoy the creativity and flexibility business ownership has to offer.

“Working in corporate America, you do this one thing and ... you do it over and over again," Knibbs said. "Owning a business, I get to wear multiple hats. Getting up every day, trying to help [the customer] understand the industry or their project, it fuels me.”