Cross Timbers Dental opened in 1999 in Flower Mound.

The practice provides general dentistry, same-day urgent care, sedation dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and cleaning.

Brad Revering, doctor of dental surgery, said in an email that when he was choosing the location for his practice in the '90s, he was drawn to this spot because it was a growing area with a lot of open space.

“I appreciated the potential to grow with the community and be the ‘family dentist’ for the town,” Revering said. “It looked like a nice place to live and start a family.”

Regarding significant changes to the practice over the last 25 years, Revering said he started out as the only dentist in the practice; now there are four dentists on staff. He also noted industry innovations.

“Technology has advanced to such a level that we now have digital X-rays and 3D scanning, for example, which allows the treatment to be more precise and saves the patients’ time,” he said.

To celebrate this milestone, the practice hosted a dinner with current and past employees at Mi Dia from Scratch in Flower Mound.

“It was nice to see familiar faces and share memories,” Revering said.