A new mixed-use development with nearly 200 homes has started construction in Argyle.

The details

The development, Argyle Landing, will be located in an area east of I-35 and south of FM 407. It will have 198 single-family homes and a couple of commercial pads, said Nabila Nur, director of community development for the town of Argyle.

The development sits on 220 acres, with two distinct residential areas, one in the west and one in the east, a town news release states. The two areas are separated by an open space with trails. About 43 lots, with a minimum 1.5 acres, are planned to be developed on the eastern side, and approximately 155 lots of variable sizes are planned to be developed on the western side.

There are opportunities for small-scale commercial sites to the north, closer to FM 407—separated from the residential areas by the open space as well—but those may be developed in a future phase, the release states.

The background

Centurion American Development Group is overseeing the project. Zoning was approved in 2021. The developer had a period of inactivity after a plat approval in 2022 and started working on the project again toward the end of 2023, Nur said.

While work began in December, the developer hopes to deliver lots to the builders during the second quarter of 2025, said Kelly Hunter, vice president for lifestyle, hospitality and tech for Sunwest Communications, a public relations company that responded to questions for Centurion American Development Group.

Argyle was a strong fit for development, Hunter said.

“As the population of Fort Worth continues to move north into Denton County, the demand for communities offering an elevated quality of life will grow,” Hunter said in an email. “Argyle Landing is well positioned in a prime location along the I-35W and FM 407 corridor, and will see strong demand from homebuyers.”

Also of note

Pricing for the homes will be established by the individual builders and has not been announced at this time, Hunter said. As far as the businesses there, Hunter said it’s anticipated neighborhood retail and services being developed on the commercial tracts.

“Argyle Landing will help the town of Argyle fulfill the promise it makes to each of its residents—to provide the quality lifestyle afforded by small-town living along with access to amenities on par with any city,” Hunter said.