Centre for Neuro Skills held a grand opening Jan. 30 for its new 40,000-square-foot treatment facility for acquired and traumatic brain injuries. It is located at 4851 Regent Blvd., Ste. 200, Irving.

“We’re a facility that specializes in neurological rehabilitation,” CNS President and COO David Harrington said. “This would include stroke, traumatic brain injury, neoplasms, hypoxia—all sorts of issues that happen with the brain. In order to treat this very complex organ, you need a comprehensive team.”

The Centre for Neuro Skills team offers programs for vision, neurobehavioral care, cognitive retraining, speech therapy and physical and occupational therapy.

The grand opening event included an appearance from Kailey Tesdahl, who received care from the Centre for Neuro Skills after suffering a traumatic brain injury in a car crash on the way to her high school graduation.

“Everyone was very patient with me,” Tesdahl said. “Having a brain injury, I have learned they had to be ... very patient because it’s not an easy thing.”

Patients receiving care for brain injuries may be treated at a hospital first, but Centre for Neuro Skills provides ongoing care.

“Along the continuum, a lot of ... patients will go to the acute setting to an inpatient rehabilitation facility or long-term care facility,” Harrington said. “They come to us before they go home. ... There’s a lot of natural healing that happens. What we do here is we want [to] rewire brains.”

The center offers both outpatient and inpatient care. The inpatient program includes integrated therapies up to six hours per day, according to the company. Centre for Neuro Skills also offers residencies for patients as part of the inpatient care; those residencies are also located in Irving. 800-922-4994. www.neuroskills.com