Frisco bond committee recommends $345 million worth of bond projects for possible May bond election


A Frisco Citizen Bond Committee recommended $345 million worth of bond projects for voters to approve in May during the Jan. 15 City Council meeting.

The bond committee has been meeting since early October to review and analyze infrastructure needs submitted by city department leaders for the next five years. Some of those needs include road-improvement projects, public safety, public works and a library relocation.

Council will further discuss the recommendations during its winter work session Jan. 25-26. Council will need to decide by Feb. 5 whether to call for a bond election to make it on the May ballot.

The proposed $345 million in bonds was presented in five different proposals, including:

Public safety: $62.5 million
-addition of one New Fire Station, including new fire
apparatus supporting the station
-replacement of several existing fire apparatus
-additional outdoor warning sirens
-fire station renovations
-public safety training center, phase II
-police department headquarters remodel

Public works: $12 million
-expansion of public works facility

New public library: $62 million
-remodel and repurpose the GEA building at 8004 Dallas Parkway as new Frisco Public Library

Transportation: $155 million
-street improvements
-new traffic light signals
-additional streetlights
-intersection improvements
-intelligent transportation system
-downtown pedestrian plaza

Parks and recreation: $53.5 million
-sports center development, phase I
-hike and bike trails, land acquisition
-department offices and education center

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  1. How about Hoopla? This library service is discontinued by the Frisco library for lack of funds.
    Many specially seniors that we vote cant access Hoopla films,books,music.
    Are we the only library that will not provide access?
    With this service we get thousands of tittles.
    Without we wait weeks for the few new books Frisco Library gets.
    Please bring back Hoopla.

  2. Why does the Police HQ and Firehouse need to be remodeled again? It still looks better than most surrounding cities have right now. Also, a new library? Why?? The current library is fine the way it is. How about using this money and invest in actual useful infrastructure like a public transit for example? This is a colossal waste of money.

    • Thank you for your questions, Troy. The Police HQ was built 13 years ago when Frisco had half the population it has now. And the population is expected to increase by 100,000 in the next 8 years. The remodel is not an expansion and is the most cost effective way to increase capacity for the police force required to keep Frisco safe. The same is true for Fire services. The bonds from this cycle will be used to construct one new fire station over the next 6 years and replace dated equipment. As for the library, the current library is far under sized for even current residents. We will lose accreditation unless we can expand with the population. This will result in loss of funding from sources outside Frisco and increase the financial burden on residents. It also allows us to consolidate City staff into city hall and creates a cascading effect of cost savings throughout the City. Moving the library will actually save us over $40,000,000! As a committee member, I assure you that this bond package is the minimum investment necessary to maintain the standard of living Frisco residents demand. I encourage you to reach out the the Friends of the Library or Frisco Library Foundation for accurate information about the library before making your decision.

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