The city of Frisco plans to purchase a 390-acre property on Brinkmann Ranch at the southwest corner of Preston Road and Panther Creek Parkway to build a community park with sports fields.

On Thursday night, the Frisco Community Development Corp. approved the purchase of 100 acres of the 390-acre property in partnership with the city. The cost of the 100-acre portion is $21 million.

Frisco City Council is scheduled to approve the city's portion Jan. 16 and the Frisco Economic Development Corp. is expected to approve the purchase of 50 acres of the property at a later date, Assistant City Manager Nell Lange said.

The city is expected to close contract on the property Feb. 5, and the total cost of the property would be $61 million, Lange said. Funds will be coming from bonds and park dedication funds.

Parks and Recreation Assistant Director Rick Wieland as part of the city’s parks master plan staff looked at the potential park needs as the city builds out.

“What we found was that we needed around 300-400 acres more of athletic fields,” Wieland said. "We have a young active community and that's expected to grow."

Wieland said the athletic fields will accommodate a range of sports, such as baseball, soccer, tennis and lacrosse. There will also be hike and bike trails within the park.

Wieland also said the park will be a community park in which more community-type events will be held.

Once the city closes on the property, Wieland said the parks and recreation department will master plan the park, which could take up to eight to nine months. No construction timeline has been determined.