Group does not turn in alcohol petition, sets sights on May election


Frisco will not have another alcohol election this fall.

The petition to legalize the sale of all alcoholic beverages was not submitted to the city of Frisco on July 16, the last day to turn it in before it would go to the council and ultimately to the voters in November.

The Frisco Committee for Economic Growth, which organized the petition effort, was still counting signatures Friday after 5 p.m.

Jeannean Hefner, committee treasurer, said while the group could not make the November election, they plan to turn in the petition next week with more than enough signatures to make the May 2016 election.

“It’s actually kind of good for us because there will be councilmen running [in the election]too, so everybody will be at the polls and we’re actually really excited about that,” Hefner said.

The committee’s goal is to make all of Frisco wet. Right now stores in Frisco can sell beer and wine. Bars and restaurants can do the same and serve mixed drinks.

The petition calls for the sale of all alcoholic beverages including hard liquor which means liquor stores and breweries could open in the city.

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