Working with children with special needs, Adam Cline and his staff put their stock in an evidence-based approach.

Cline is clinical director at The Behavior Exchange, which uses applied behavior analysis to help children with autism spectrum disorders and behavioral issues prepare for normal classroom and social environments.

The therapy sessions are evidence-based, Cline said, and are aimed at helping children of all ages with a strong emphasis on early childhood intervention.

“What differentiates us from other therapies ... is that [ours] is based on science, based on research,” Cline said. “So it has been proven to be effective over decades of studies.”

Cline’s sister, Tammy Cline-Soza, founded the company in 2004. She opened a clinical office in east Plano and then moved to an office in a children’s hospital before returning to Plano to start The Behavior Exchange, Cline said.

Since then, the business has expanded to include a location in Frisco in addition to the original Plano location.

Behavior Exchange therapy focuses on intensive one-on-one intervention. The goal, Cline said, is to ultimately prepare children for normal social environments, including classrooms. They also prioritize training for parents on how to work with their children at home.

The Behavior Exchange serves children from the ages of 18 months to 13 years, Cline said. The earlier the clinic begins to work with children, the better results they typically see.

The majority of children the Behavior Exchange serves have been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, Cline said. But the company does not require a diagnosis to work with a child who has displayed behavioral or developmental delays.