Jordan Taylor & Co.

In addition to furniture, the store also offers jewelry, candles and other gift items.

In addition to furniture, the store also offers jewelry, candles and other gift items.

Jordan Taylor & Co. With daily restocking and weekly restaging, the looks throughout the showroom change on a regular basis.[/caption]

At Jordan Taylor & Co., the retail shop’s home furnishings, accessories and gifts are restocked daily.  Owner Dana Rector said she goes to market regularly to find new pieces to replace the items leaving the store. She said she also likes to offer a variety of products ranging in price from moderate to high-end.

“I do carry a lot of high-end products [and] merchandise, but I also try to carry some kind of moderate price points as well,” she said. “And I find that a lot of women like to blend things in their home just like they do in their wardrobe.”

With new items stocked daily, Rector said the store’s primary stager and merchandising manager, Taylor Westbrook, changes vignettes on a weekly basis.

The vignettes provide a look at what a finished room could look like. They include furniture pieces, blankets, pillows, lamps, art and other accessories that coordinate and complement each other. Such spaces can help provide customers with new ideas about how to set up their own homes.

“And a lot of women just purely come in for the ideas,” she said. “And we love that, too.”

Rector said she refers to her regular customers as “frequent fliers.”

“They become our friends, and they come in every week just to see what’s new,” she said.

Rector herself helps customers carry items to their car.

That kind of customer service was taught to Rector during her work at Sanger Harris, a Dallas department store where she worked when she was 16. She said since then the philosophy of taking care of the customer has become a high priority.

“That training just stuck with me,” she said.

She said she has shared those priorities with her employees.

“They also have great relationships with our customers,” Rector said. “They know them by name; we carry things out to the car for them. I think it’s still very much the old-fashioned taking care of our customers.”

Rector said she and her staff try to help their customers find the perfect fit for their homes. If a furniture piece is not perfect, Rector typically has the ability to help her customers choose from a wall of fabric samples to find the right look. She said she is also willing to do house calls, but she has found they are often not necessary.

“Now that people have iPhones, [helping customers find a piece is] so easy,” Rector said. “I don’t even have to do a lot of house calls because they can just take pictures of their room … and it makes it so much easier to be able to help them make the right selections.”

One of her personal favorite lines is John-Richard, but she said it is hard to pick an absolute favorite out of the hundreds of lines her store offers.

Rector’s store has been in Southlake since October 2010 and is about to relocate. Jordan Taylor & Co. is projected to move across the parking lot closer to Central Market by the end of February. The new location, although slightly smaller, will have a back storeroom, which the current location lacks.

When the new showroom opens, Rector will not have sofas on display to save floor space. However, if a customer wants to order a sofa, Jordan Taylor will still offer them.

In addition to helping customers beautify their homes, Rector said she loves the community service she is able to do because of the profits the business makes.

“We are a give-back business,” she said, “So we support a lot of different ministries and charities, and my husband’s a [doctor] and we do mission work and a lot of things through the store.”