Our dedicated Design team possesses the unique talent of transforming our stories into visually captivating and comprehensible pieces. They craft exquisite and detailed infographics that breathe life into our narratives. Additionally, our talented designers play a crucial role in showcasing local businesses by crafting striking advertisements that resonate with and reflect the essence of each brand.

Minh Nguyen

Senior Graphic Designer - Advertising Specialist

Minh Nguyen's story

My name is Minh Nguyen, and I work as a senior graphic designer - advertising specialist at Community Impact. In my leisure time, I frequently indulge in a game of billiards and actively participate in weekly tournaments. Additionally, I derive great pleasure from constructing things, and, whenever I find myself with some free time, I thoroughly enjoy the art of cooking.

What is one of your strengths and how do you use it at CI?

One of my strengths is being Futuristic. I envision myself growing alongside the company and enhancing specific areas within it. By having a forward-thinking mindset, I am able to visualize multiple scenarios and ultimately determine the most optimal paths to pursue.

What is your favorite project you worked on while at CI?

I genuinely enjoy the process of carefully crafting ads from scratch. It's truly rewarding to see the final outcome and feel a sense of satisfaction from my hard work. Additionally, experimenting with fresh design styles brings a touch of excitement to my job, making the whole experience even more fulfilling.

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