Sunset Valley residents voted overwhelmingly to maintain two city sales taxes that will continue to fund street maintenance and the city’s police department.

Unofficial results show incumbents Rudi Rosengarten and Wanda Reetz maintained their city council seats, while Justin Litchfield beat incumbent Karen Medicus by a margin of four votes.

Proposition A, approved with 88.6% of the vote, reauthorized the local street repair and maintenance tax at the rate of .025%, or a quarter of a percent. If not reauthorized, the tax would have expired on Nov. 2, 2025.

The maintenance tax has been set at the same rate for nearly 20 years, since the city implemented the tax in 2002, according to a report from the city. Revenue from the tax can only be used to improve existing streets.

Sunset Valley's Proposition B, approved with 86.3% of the vote, asked voters whether the city should maintain a sales tax rate of .125% for crime control in the area.

In 1989, the Texas Legislature passed the Crime Control and Prevention District Act, based on the idea that smaller cities within large metropolitan areas experience "big city" crime without the "big city" resources to control it, the Sunset Valley city website says. The act allowed cities to form a district that collects a sales tax specifically dedicated to crime control and reduction.

The city of Sunset Valley did not begin the process of creating that district until 2016, but once it initiated the process, all of the .125% sales tax revenue has been dedicated to the construction of new police facilities. Now that the facility is complete, the tax goes toward continued funding for police, City Administrator Sylvia Carrillo said.

Sunset Valley's overall sales tax rate is 8.125%, with the city's sales tax rate being 1.875% and the state's portion being 6.25%.

All results are unofficial until canvassed. Visit the Community Impact online Voter Guide for all local election results in your community.