While the state of Texas saw a 13.2% year-over-year decline in sales tax revenue in April, the city of Dripping Springs is one of the few cities in the state that saw a year-over-year increase in sales.

According to the most recent data by the Texas comptroller’s office, Dripping Springs experienced 8.37% sales tax growth year over year, the second consecutive month to show growth during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

To compare, April’s 13.3% drop in Texas as a whole was the state’s largest year-over-year decrease in more than a decade. The state also saw a decline of more than 9% in March year over year.

In total, Dripping Springs earned $265,642 in sales tax revenue in April. The following chart shows the total sales tax revenue generated in the city each month since January compared to 2019 numbers.

Similar to the state, the city of Austin saw a 19.93% decline in sales tax revenue in April. Monthly data for the city of Austin can be found below.