Due to the recent winter storm, ice has accumulated on trees and caused limbs to fall onto roads and through city parks.

Dripping Springs public works staff is working to ensure city streets are passable. Crews are cutting limbs and removing them from travel lanes.

Once ice thaws out, city staff will prioritize cleanup efforts and remove limbs and branches from the sides of roads.

City staff will not remove limbs and trees from private property.

All Dripping Springs residents can bring fallen tree branches to Dripping Springs Ranch Park for removal. There will be designated sections to place branches.

Customers of Waste Connections will have normal bulk and brush collection days beginning next week, Monday, Feb. 6. Customers can place their debris for removal on their regularly scheduled days. Limbs must be cut 4-5 feet max in length and can’t weigh more than 50 pounds per bundle.

All city parks and trails are closed until further notice until crews are able to remove fallen trees in the public areas. These parks include Founders Memorial Park, Dripping Springs Ranch Park, Charro Ranch Park, Veterans Memorial Park and Sports and Recreation Park.

If limbs are spotted on power lines, home and business owners should contact their electric service providers. If there are sparks, fire or smoke, call 911.

The National Weather Service has officially expired the winter storm warning at 10 a.m. Thursday, Feb. 2. Temperatures are expected to rise throughout the weekend.

For further updates from the city, visit www.cityofdrippingsprings.com.