While temperatures may be cooling down, inflation-related costs are still on the rise in Austin, and the city’s food trucks are feeling it, Brooklyn Breakfast Shop owner Ryan Rosen said.

Two-minute impact

In a cry for help, representatives of Brooklyn Breakfast Shop, an Austin-based bagel food truck located at 7800 S. First St., took to social media Oct. 11 to ask the community for help and note the business is at risk of closing permanently.

"This year has not been kind to food truck owners, and unfortunately, we have been affected worse than we could have imagined. Due to inflation and the extremely hot summer deterring people from coming to the food park, our sales have dropped more than 50% from previous years," the social media post said.

The shop opened in 2017 and sells bagel and English muffin sandwiches, breakfast hash bowls, and burgers.

Although temperatures are showing signs of cooling down, Rosen said it was too soon to tell if sales would begin increasing.

"Last October and going into November it rained quite a bit. So basing it off of last year's numbers—and last year was still, let's say, pandemic times—things are different now. I can't predict how it's going to be this fall into the winter just because it's a different time now from last year," Rosen told Community Impact.

Rosen wanted to encourage the South Austin community to keep supporting local food trucks, saying many of them had donated food to service industry workers during the pandemic and to people during Winter Storm Mara in February.

"Not just myself, but all of us. Just keep supporting your local food trucks, and don't forget about us," he said.

Lend a hand

Those who would like to support the bagel shop can donate to Brooklyn Breakfast Shop's GoFundMe.