Back in 2003, South Austin resident Jeremy Griffin won a free lawn mower and decided to quit his job as a financial adviser to start his own lawn business. Griffin said his wife was not thrilled with the idea at first, but they pushed through and distributed flyers to get their first clients. With equipment stored in their one-car garage in the Emerald Forest neighborhood, they began serving friends and neighbors.

More than 17 years and 3,100 customers later, the company they built—Just Right Lawns—is a mainstay in Southwest Austin.

“I knew that if we take care of our customers we could grow, and they would refer us to their friends. It just took off like that,” Griffin said.

Now based out of Oak Hill, with 56 employees split into teams that cover the Austin and San Antonio metros, Griffin said Just Right Lawns concentrates on just that: mowing lawns the right way.

While some additional services are offered, such as flower bed cleanup and pet waste pickup, Griffin said by primarily offering mowing the business is simplified for his team and his clients. His teams are focused on serving neighborhood properties and using small mowing equipment for a precise and non-disruptive cut while also assisting with minor sprinkler repairs and maintenance when they can.

“Our customers don’t want a big tractor or ride mower going through their property,” he said. “What we’ve seen most customers are looking for is a return service that’s simplified to make it easy to get what they need for their property.”

Griffin said some homeowners enjoy going outside and working on their lawns, but what takes an individual two to three hours could take under 15 minutes for his crew. Once homeowners realize the time saved as well as the reduced hassle of equipment maintenance and cleanup, the decision is made easier.

“It’s usually the husband who loves to go out there and sweat a little bit and maybe escape the house, and then the wife calls us and says she wants to be able to do things with them on weekends,” he said. “Maybe he’ll try to mow again but then two months later they’ll sign back up with us.” Just Right Lawns has also supported local groups, including Hill Country Rally for Kids, a child’s charity that hosts events to support underprivileged youths, and others that support immigrant communities in the past, Griffin said.

Just Right Lawns