The Texas Transportation Commission approved a "historic" $345 million in funding for bicycle and pedestrian mobility improvements across the state, the group announced Oct. 26.

The why

The multimillion dollar funding comes as bicycle and pedestrian fatalities are rising statewide.

Both bicycle and pedestrian fatalities have risen nearly 30% statewide over the past five years, according to the Texas Department of Transportation. In 2022, 830 pedestrians and 92 bicyclists were killed.

“People who walk and bike make up about 1 out of every 5 deaths on roadways here in Texas,” Texas Transportation Commissioner Alvin New said in a news release. “These projects will help the state move closer toward the goal of zero deaths by giving people a place to walk and bike separate from traffic.”

The breakdown

The $345 million will fund 83 bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure projects across the state, 24 of which will be in areas with a high pedestrian crash history. The funds will be distributed through local entities, including city governments and public transit providers.
  • Austin area: $11.29 million for enhancements to its Metro Bike program; $5 million for sidewalk improvements
  • Dallas area: $25 million for bicycle and pedestrian paths along the Silver Line Regional Rail; $6.66 million for shared-use paths on Five Mile Creek Trail; $10.97 million for shared-use paths on Denton Pecan Creek Trail
  • Houston area: over $52 million for a slew of bike paths, sidewalks and other safety improvements
  • San Antonio area: over $33 million for sidewalks and bike lanes at Loop 368, Market Street, The University of Texas at San Antonio, and other areas
The details

The funding comes from TxDOT’s Transportation Alternatives Program, which helps communities across the state plan and build infrastructure that helps reduce pedestrian and bicycle accidents.

This year's funding is six times greater than the last infusion of Transportation Alternatives program funding, which totaled $55 million in 2021.

Dig deeper

A full list of bicycle and pedestrian projects is available here.