Four months after the Austin Animal Center paused the intake of dogs, the shelter announced it will be temporarily pausing intake of all animals—except for animals with life-threatening conditions or those that pose a threat—effective July 2.

What's happening

AAC leadership have been working to improve shelter operations for months but continue to face "critical capacity" situations.

"Between June 24 and June 26, we took in 149 dogs and cats, and only 124 left during that time frame," Chief Animal Services Officer Don Bland said in a news release. "This has been an ongoing pattern that has led to us having more animals than we have kennels. We started this morning with 24 dogs and [five] cats without an appropriate kennel."

The shelter's dog intake was over capacity every month last year, as previously reported by Community Impact, and generally takes in more dogs than there are outcomes for.

"We care deeply for these animals and want them all to find homes. But, quality of life is important too," Bland said. "If closing intake combined with promoting outcomes does not result in appropriate space, then AAC will have to no choice but to move forward with euthanasia notices as described in City Code Chapter 3-1-26."

What's next

The shelter will remain closed until "space is available for all animals," according to the release.

AAC staff ask residents to call 311 and speak with an animal protection officer for assistance.

If a lost animal is found, visit the AAC's lost and found pet website here.

The shelter will remain open daily from 11 a.m.-7 p.m. for adoptions.