The Headliners Club of Austin announced renovations of its downtown private club on May 22. The new construction will begin in January 2025.

The $8 million renovations will include new dining options, an updated bar area—known as the “Press Box"— and enhancements to the overall decor including historical photos, newspaper clippings and other artifacts celebrating members woven into the rooms.

Austin-based Michael Hsu Office of Architecture designed the project and White Construction is the general contractor.

“This is an exciting time to honor The Headliners Club by providing wonderful facilities that are more useful today and elegant in the spirit of what we have always enjoyed,” said Headliners Club Chairman Brian Greig in the release. “Over the past 70 years, we’ve worked to keep our facilities reflective of our deep traditions as a place where people who make the headlines and write the headlines gather.”

The Headliners Club is located on the 21st floor of the Procore Tower in downtown Austin. The club’s operations and events will resume on the building’s 20th floor during the construction.

The Headliners Club hosts social events and professional meetings for its members. Membership to the club is by invitation only.