The last day of candidate filing for the March 6 primaries was Dec. 11. Candidates had one month to file for election.

In Texas' 2018 race, all 36 U.S. representatives, the governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and one U.S. Senator are up for re-election.

Further down the ballot, 15 state senators and all state representatives are up for election, along with several county office holders.

The following candidates representing parts of San Marcos, Buda or Kyle have filed for election, according to the Texas Secretary of State's office and the Federal Elections Commission:

U.S. House District 15

  • Tim Westley, Republican

  • Vicente Gonzalez, Democrat

Texas House District 17

  • John Cyrier, Republican

  • Michelle Ryan, Democrat

U.S. House District 21

  • Jason Isaac, Republican

  • Susan Narvaiz, Republican

  • Eric Burkhart, Republican

  • Samuel Temple, Republican

  • Derrick Crowe, Democrat

  • Mary Street Wilson, Democrat

  • Joseph Kopser, Democrat

  • William Negley, Republican

  • Ivan Arturo Andarza, Republican

  • Robert Stovall, Republican

  • Al Poteet, Republican

  • Foster Hagen, Republican

  • Matt McCall, Republican

  • Elliott McFadden, Democrat

  • Jennifer Sarver, Republican

  • Peggy Wardlaw, Republican

  • Anthony White, Republican

  • Autry Pruitt, Republican

  • Chip Roy, Republican

  • Francisco "Quico" Canseco, Republican

  • Mauro Garza, Republican

  • Ryan Krause, Republican

U.S. House District 25

  • Roger Williams, Republican

  • Christopher Michael Perri, Democrat

  • Chetan Panda, Democrat

  • Kathi Thomas, Democrat

  • Julie Oliver, Democrat

  • West Hansen, Democrat

U.S. House District 35

  • Lloyd Doggett, Democrat

  • David Smalling, Republican

  • Sherrill Kenneth Alexander, Republican

Texas House District 44

  • John D. Rodgers, Democrat

  • John Kuempel, Republican

Texas House District 45

  • Les Carnes, Democrat

  • Austin Talley, Republican

  • Amber Pearce, Republican

  • Amy Akers, Republican

  • Erin Zwiener, Democrat

  • Rebecca Bell-Metereau, Democrat

  • Naomi Narvaiz, Republican

  • Ken Strange, Republican

Texas House District 73

  • Dave Campbell, Republican

  • Kyle Biedermann, Republican

  • Stephanie Phillips, Democrat

Texas Senate District 25

  • Donna Campbell, Republican

  • Jack Guerra, Democrat

  • Shannon McClendon, Republican

  • Steven Kling, Democrat

Comal County Judge

  • Sherman Krause, Republican

Comal County Precinct 2 Commissioner

  • Scott Haag, Republican

Comal County Precinct 4 Commissioner

  • Dorothy Carroll, Democrat

  • G. Ted Ballard, Republican

  • Jeanne Slupik, Republican

  • Jen Crownover, Republican

Comal County District Clerk

  • Heather N. Kellar, Republican

Comal County Clerk

  • Bobbie Koepp, Republican

  • Gloria Meehan, Democrat

Comal County Treasurer

Renee L. Couch, Republican

Hays County Judge

  • Will Conley, Republican

  • Abel Velasquez, Democrat

  • Ruben Becerra, Democrat

Hays County Precinct 2 Commissioner

    • Mark Jones, Republican

  • Richard W. Cronshey, Democrat

Hays County Precinct 3 Commissioner

  • Colin McFerrin, Republican

  • Jimmy Alan Hall, Democrat

  • Lon Shell, Republican

Hays County Precinct 4 Commissioner

  • Omar Baca, Democrat

  • Walt Smith, Republican

  • Jimmy Skipton, Republican

Hays District Clerk

  • Beverly Cowan Crumley, Republican

Hays County Clerk

  • Elaine Hanson Cardenas, Democrat

  • Liz Gonzales, Republican

Hays County Treasurer

  • Britney Bolton Richey, Republican

Hays County Surveyor

  • Kelly R. Kilber, Republican

Guadalupe County Judge

  • Kyle Kutscher, Republican

Guadalupe County Clerk 

  • Teresa Kiel, Republican

Guadalupe County Treasurer

Bill Schwind, Republican

Linda Douglass, Republican

Guadalupe County Precinct 2 Commissioner

  • Drew Engelke, Republican

  • Ralph Jack Shanafelt, Republican

  • Randall K Herzog, Republican

Guadalupe County Precinct 4 Commissioner

  • Daniel Kearns, Republican

  • Judy Cope, Republican

  • Rebecca "Becca" Tucker, Democrat

This story has been updated periodically with new candidates who have filed for election since Nov. 11.