The city of Buda entered into a $3 million infrastructure cost-sharing agreement with 2428 Partners LP on June 4 in exchange for the release of 695.648 acres of undeveloped land in the Sunfield development from the city’s extraterritorial jurisdiction, or ETJ.

Although Sunfield—a master-planned community—is not within the Buda city limits, it is part of the city’s ETJ.

2428 Partners LP voluntarily petitioned to separate from the city’s ETJ. The decision comes after the passage of Senate Bill 2028 from the 88th Texas Legislature, according to a news release.

The details

The $3 million cost-sharing agreement will go toward the completion of its East Main Street expansion project, which will "allow for infrastructure near Sunfield to be completed on a timeline matching the rapid residential development," the news release stated.

The $9.8 million project is part of Buda’s comprehensive plan—Our Buda, Our Future—and Buda Moves Transportation Mobility Master Plan. The project aims to improve the area of Main Street between Fire Cracker Drive and I-35 by reducing traffic and increasing accessibility along the east side of Buda, according to a news release.

The project will include additional motor lanes and shared-use pedestrian/bike paths.

What residents need to know

Sunfield is under the authority of Sunfield Municipal Utility Districts.

The cost-sharing agreement will not have any municipal tax implications for Sunfield residents.

The agreement also allows for the remaining undeveloped portion of Sunfield to be developed under Hays County’s development guidelines while still following the Sunfield land use plan, according to a news release.