Hays County Commissioners Court approved a new trail proposal with the Great Springs Project and the San Marcos Greenbelt Alliance for site preparation and construction of a new trail—Limestone Link—on May 7.

The overview

The new trail, which will be approximately 1.3 miles long, will be located on a 102.8-acre tract within the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone adjacent to the Ringtail Ridge Natural Area and River Recharge Natural Area, according to agenda documents. The Great Springs Project and San Marcos Greenbelt Alliance proposed the name “Limestone Link” due to its characteristic limestone geology and its position between the two existing natural areas.

The details

According to agenda documents, the county closed on the property in September with the agreement to get a trail constructed on the site and open to the public by March 2025.

The Limestone Link Trail is projected to cost $50,000, which will be funded through a 2011 voter-approved park bond.

Trailhead construction will be coordinated between the Great Springs Project and San Marcos Greenbelt Alliance, and specific trailhead features will be preapproved by the county. The county will also reimburse the Great Springs Project for materials required for trailhead construction upon invoice delivery.

Quote of note

Emma Lindrose-Siegel, Great Springs Project chief development officer, said this project was years in the making.

"We're really excited to get started and thankful for the community for wanting to see it happen," Lindrose-Siegel told Community Impact.