During her April 30 State of the City Address, San Marcos Mayor Jane Hughson highlighted the city's continued dedication to the environment and city growth.

In a nutshell

Data for 2020 from the U.S. Census Bureau showed the city had a population of 67,553. Hughson said the city of San Marcos estimates their population in 2023 was 83,744.

"That's an increase of more than 16,000 people in just three years," Hughson said, noting, to accommodate more people, the city will need up to 64,000 additional housing units by 2050.

About 1,167 multifamily units were added in 2023, and 573 single-family homes were permitted in 2023, according to Hughson. This year, there will be 4,406 additional multifamily units with 7,010 beds.

Hughson also emphasized the city's commitment to economic development by supporting local businesses through grant funding.

"Through our Minority Business Stabilization Program, more than $150,000 has been awarded to 45 local businesses," she said.

Aside from economic development and growth, the city looks to continue being stewards of the environment with its single-use beverage container ordinance, an ordinance that restricts the use of single-use containers in the San Marcos River and within designated adjacent parks, according to previous reporting by Community Impact.

Related highlights

The city's city hall building, located at 630 E. Hopkins St., was constructed in 1975 when the population was at 20,000, Hughson said. Now the city of San Marcos is looking to build a new city hall at the site directly across the street.

"We still need more space to support our growing city," Hughson said.

The city of San Marcos is looking to create an implementation plan for its Downtown Area Plan, which was adopted in November. The city is also slated to adopt its comprehensive planVision SMTX++—this summer.