Kyle City Council may call a bond for a community center with a senior center, library functions and recreational space in the November 2024 election.

Council held a special meeting on March 16 where they created a three-person task force with council members Lauralee Harris, Michael Tobias and Daniela Parsley to work with city staff to bring back a recommendation for an architectural firm.

What you need to know

According to City Manager Bryan Langley, the council is considering two potential sites for the community center:
  • City-owned property on Dacy Lane
  • Kyle Vista Park
Once an architectural firm is selected, they will be tasked with figuring out the limitations of each site and bring renderings and a cost estimate back to council.

Langley said it was “too soon” to tell whether or not the bond would pose a tax increase.

Council members thought they could issue a $70 million bond and stay under the $0.59 tax rate authorized by the voters in 2022, however there was discussion about issuing a higher tax rate depending on what the needs of the community were.

Quote of note

Langley emphasized that they recognize the need for facilities and services related to the city’s seniors, library and recreation.

“We’re looking at trying to meet the needs that we see in the community related to all three of these,” Langley told Community Impact.

Offering input

Tobias emphasized that the city needs to be prepared for a tax increase.

“We have lots of visions, lots of wants, lots of needs, but we also have bills to pay at the end of the month here in our city,” Tobias said.

Council member Bear Heiser said they cannot allow the school district to bond out again before they get something on the ballot.

“With every passing dollar that’s bonded out by another jurisdiction it only makes our job more difficult," Heiser said.

Looking ahead

Kyle City Council is expecting to call for a bond election in August and city staff will bring a contract back for council’s consideration at an April meeting.