The city of San Marcos dedicated a new mural, named Coahuiltecan Guardian spirits of the River and Medicine, Nov 14.

The overview

City manager Stephanie Reyes said the city manager’s office looked to the mural arts committee for a mural at this location to "liven up" the city hall complex and serve as a "vibrant showcase" for public art in the heart of San Marcos.

The mural is located near city hall and was created by muralists Ernesto Hernandez and Cindy Tobar.

Hernandez said the Coahuiltecan Native American creation stories describe how Spirit Water rose up and delivered all Creation.

“You have four medicines—there are three smaller ones—to represent the four natural water sources, from San Antonio, New Braunfels, San Marcos and Austin,” Hernandez said.

Tobar noted that the water symbolizes how everyone is connected.

Mario Garza, Ph.D., principal founder of the Indigenous Cultures Institute and Maria F. Rocha, secretary of Indigenous Cultures Institute, was also in attendance.

Notable quote

Rocha said she was thankful and grateful for being included in the mural process.

“This is a rare project where the people in the city hall and city staff, working with indigenous communities, working with all communities here in San Marcos to truly reflect what San Marcos is about,” Rocha said.