The Buda Destination Services Department relocated to 303 Main St., Buda, at the end of 2022, leaving its former home, the historic Stagecoach House, vacant. Located at 880 Main St., Buda, the official names of the buildings are the McElroy-Severn House and Onion Creek Post Office, but they have been connected over the years and are referred to now as the Stagecoach House.

Buda City Council held a workshop June 6 to discuss the future of the house and its potential uses.

The buildings were constructed in the 1870s and additions were made in 1885, 1990 and 1920 to increase the size and change the design. The city rehabilitated the two sites in 2013 and 2014 before the Destination Services Department took its helm.

After more than 150 years since being built, the buildings have both interior and exterior damage that will need to be addressed, including separating ceilings, sinking fire places, damaged floors and more. Because the building has been vacant, critters have settled into it, only adding to the urgency to get the project moving, Council Member Paul Daugereau said.

Assistant City Manager Wendy Smith said there is $55,000 set aside for the future design of the space in the fiscal year 2022-23 budget as well as $175,000 for repairs in the FY 2023-24 capital improvements budget.

In a presentation, Smith brought forth the potential uses of the space, which include a wedding venue, space for meetings and special events, a museum, or space for a nonprofit.

The most supported ideas for the space were for it to be used as a rentable space for weddings, events and meetings.

While no action was taken at the meeting, the next steps for the project include having an architect visit and assess the site to determine how extensive the repairs will be and have a design scheme drawn up.

Since it is a historical structure, plans will also need to be reviewed by the Texas Historical Commission.

It remains unclear how long it will take to see movement on the project.