Updated 10:58 p.m. May 4

With all Hays and Travis County precincts reporting, incumbent Courtney Runkle looks to secure the Single-Member District 3 seat with 220 votes, or 60.77% of the votes, against challenger Ray Chávez who received 142 votes, or 39.34%.

“I am excited to continue for three more years," Runkle said in a statement to Community Impact. "We’ve done a lot of great work, and we have a lot more to do. We’re going to continue to do great work together.”

Geoff Seibel looks to secure the Trustee At-Large seat with 1,192 votes, or 54.61%. Challengers Katy Armstrong has received 919 votes, or 42.14%, and Jay Adcock has received 71 votes, or 3.26%.

“Overall, I'm very happy with the presumed results at this point," Seibel said in a statement to Community Impact. "I'm just excited to do the work for our district, our community, our staff and our students, and continue making our school district the best that we can make it. I'm very happy with the campaign overall [and] thankful for my opponents and the campaigns that we all ran together—positive campaigns that were focused on what each of our strengths we could bring to community, and trying to do what's best for all of our students in the end. I'm grateful for the community's selection and excited to get to work."

Vote totals are based on unofficial Hays and Travis County results; results are unofficial until canvassed. No votes in Caldwell County have been recorded.

Posted 8:54 p.m. May 4

Based on preliminary Hays County and Travis County election results, Courtney Runkle maintains the lead for the Hays CISD Single-Member District 3 seat against challenger Ray Chávez with 218 votes, or 60.89% of the votes. Chávez has received 140 votes, or 39.11%.

Geoff Seibel maintains the lead for the Trustee At-Large seat against challengers Jay Adock and Katy Armstrong with 1,188 votes, or 54.65% of the votes.
  • Adcock has received 70 votes (3.22%)
  • Armstrong has received 916 votes (42.131%)
On the ballot

Runkle has been a trustee since 2021 and currently serves as board secretary, and was also a former Facilities and Bond Oversight Committee member. Chávez has been a journalist and educator for over 30 years and is a member of the Hays District Leadership Team.

Armstrong is a parent and local educator, and Seibel is a former teacher, FBOC member for five years and district volunteer.

Trustee At-Large incumbent Will McManus, who serves as president, was first elected to the board in 2018 and did not seek re-election.

A quick note

According to the district website, winners are determined by whoever has the most votes, even if the total does not equal more than 50% of the vote. No runoff elections will take place.

The at-large winner is determined by adding votes in Hays, Travis and Caldwell counties. The single-member district 3 winner is determined by adding votes in Hays and Travis counties, as this seat does not have any jurisdiction in Caldwell County.

To see all local elections, visit www.communityimpact.com/voter-guide.