Lehman High School students in Kyle stage walk-out

Lehman students walked out of class and took to a nearby roadway Friday.

Lehman students walked out of class and took to a nearby roadway Friday.

About 150 Lehman High School students staged a protest Friday by walking out of the school building, off campus and to a nearby roadway.

According to a district release, students who chose to participate were allowed to do so without interference from faculty and staff. Officers from the Kyle Police Department escorted the students when the marchers made their way to the roadway. The protest remained peaceful, district spokesperson Tim Savoy said in an e-mail.

Lehman High School is one of the Hays CISD schools that experienced a drop in attendance yesterday because of the Day Without Immigrants movement that encouraged immigrants to stay home from school and work in a show of solidarity against recent federal immigration actions.

According to Savoy, about 82 percent of enrolled students were counted as present Thursday. On the same date last year, just over 95 percent were in class. Nearly 95 percent of students were counted present Wednesday.

The students who took part in the protest broke "many" school policies, according to the statement, but no punishment for participants was declared by school officials.

"It is the district’s hope that all students, regardless of their position on the issues or choice to participate in the protest, will use this as a learning opportunity to better understand the rights, freedoms and responsibilities that accompany them, as afforded us in our Constitution," Savoy said in an e-mail.