Amanda Stark, a member of the Kyle Parks and Recreation Board, is challenging incumbent Council Member Robert Rizo, who has only been in the District 3 seat since May. Rizo won a four-candidate special election that was called after the unexpected resignation of Shane Arabie.

A map of polling locations can be found here. A guide to the statewide constitutional amendments on the ballot can be found here.

Early voting starts Oct. 21. Election Day is Nov. 5.

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Amanda Stark

Length of residency: I’ve lived in Kyle for about 4 1/2 years, and the Austin area for over 20 years.

Top three priorities: revitalizing downtown, the heart of our city; increasing the number first responders and improving facilities; finding ways to improve safety on the roadways

Why are you running?
To shape the future of our community for my kids and all of our residents while keeping taxes as low as possible. Kyle is a special place to live and raise our families, and I want to maintain that in the midst of substantial area growth. I have the passion, problem-solving skills, integrity and vision needed to give our city a bright future.

What experience do you have that prepares you to sit on City Council?
I am currently serving on the parks and recreation board since January 2016; I am currently chairwoman of Steeplechase Watch and have held that position since September 2016; I have had the opportunity to take the Kyle Leadership Academy, the Kyle Citizen Police Academy and I have been a member of the Kyle Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association.

What do you believe is the greatest challenge facing the city?
The greatest challenge facing the city is trying to keep the taxes manageable while maintaining and being prepared for the exponential growth.

How can the City Council best foster economic development?
The city needs to create long-term values to partner with short-term gains. In that, the council needs to be skillful and strategic in all planning and discussions, effectively communicate with citizens and coordinate all actions prudently, and one of the most important factors is finding the right partners who will share our city’s goals and visions.

Robert Rizo

Length of residency: I am a fourth-generation resident of Kyle; I attended Kyle Elementary School, Hays Middle School and am a graduate of Jack C. Hays High School.

Top three priorities: addressing our failing infrastructure (water, wastewater, roads); access to affordable housing to manage the increase growth of our city; and most importantly, public safety—after touring the Kyle Police Department, we can do a better job in providing the resources Kyle police officers require to take care of its citizens and themselves.

Why are you running?
I am running to keep Kyle an affordable place to live and raise a family, to preserve the quality of life of its citizens. Serving in the community for almost three decades has led me to serve on City Council. My service in the community has given me a deep understanding of the concerns and needs of my neighbors. I want to continue to serve my neighbors and address their concerns, which is the main reasons I am seeking re-election.

What experience do you have that prepares you to sit on City Council?
Serving on Kyle City Council, and my continued education at the Texas Municipal League, has given me some valuable experience. My role in a large charitable organization has prepared me to work with budgets, work with staff, run and participate in meetings. This experience was invaluable during the creation of the city of Kyle’s 2020 budget process. Volunteering during the last flood gave me invaluable insight to the needs of our cities infrastructure.

What do you believe Is the greatest challenge facing the city?
Kyle’s rapid growth is its biggest challenge. We must find ways to manage that growth in a financially responsible manner. We need to develop relationships within the community and work with residents and businesses that are impacted by road closures and new infrastructure. Public safety is a major concern that we must start addressing. As our city is rapidly growing, the demand for services is growing as well.

How can the City Council best foster economic development?
The city of Kyle has a great opportunity to revitalize its economic growth. City Council, staff, and the planing and zoning commission are about to start the process of revisiting and rewriting the city's comprehensive plan. This will be the blueprint that will help guide future growth. The city's new population numbers will demonstrate that Kyle can now sustain and lure more businesses.