High interest rates have put a pause on downtown Buda development Kindred Uncommon—a "pocket community" tailored to individuals 55 and up.

The Kindred Uncommon team had plans to break ground in June, according to previous reporting by Community Impact, but Managing Partner Zach Hollander said they are waiting for the interest rate environment to get to a better place.

"We'd rather put that money into building out the community or lowering the costs of the builds so we could charge rents that are more reasonable," Hollander said.

About the project

Kindred Uncommon will consist of 76 one- and two-bedroom units across the 6.5 acres of property ranging from 520 to 1,130 square-feet.

The existing 2,500-square-foot home on the property will be renovated and converted into a large, shared space called Great House for the residents with a kitchen, cafe, indoor and outdoor dining, pool, and more.

One more thing

Hollander said Kindred Uncommon has received about 600 inquiries for potentially living in the community.

"We're really excited about finally getting to get to a point where we can reach back out to these 600 people and give them the opportunity to live there," Hollander said. "It's just a special project, and we can't wait to finally start building it."