Kyle City Council unanimously approved three resolutions for committees that focus on environmental stewardship.

The first is a seven-member Community Gardens Committee. There will be a community garden installed at Post Oak Park, and the committee will establish garden rules, secure volunteers and donations, and provide input on grade designs. Although Post Oak Park facilities are only for residents and their guests, the community garden will be accessible to all. The Community Gardens Committee will meet monthly over the next year beginning in July.

The second item council approved was a resolution to implement a Keep Kyle Beautiful Committee. The seven-member committee will be in charge of reducing the improper handling of waste and bringing more solid waste management activities to the city. It will also assist in coordinating leading Keep Kyle Beautiful events while meeting program requirements of the Keep Texas Beautiful Program. The Keep Kyle Beautiful Committee will meet monthly beginning in April.

City Council also approved establishing a trails committee to provide input on trail improvements and trail planning. The trails committee will be made up of 12 individuals who will be responsible for giving recommendations and input regarding the city’s trail system. The trails committee will meet monthly beginning in March.

Council Member Miguel Zuniga, who has been an advocate for the environment, thought the committees were needed for the future.

"No ones going to give the city that we want. We have to go work for it," Zuniga said.

Kyle City Council will meet again on March 21 at 7 p.m. at Kyle City Hall, located at 100 W. Center St.