San Marcos utility residents can once again track their water usage through the city’s Water Usage Threshold Program.

After being lost from a software upgrade, the Water Usage Threshold Program has been reinstated to help San Marcos utility customers conserve water, identify leaks and keep the bills low.

According to a press release, the city brought back the program in January.

Customers are able to set a monthly or daily water usage threshold and sign up to receive alerts once those thresholds have been reached.

Finance Director Jon Locke said officials were excited to provide customers with the program again.

“After a recent update to the Customer Connect portal, we are excited to once again provide our utility customers with this useful feature,” Locke said in a press release. “This alert system allows customers to keep track of water usage, which contributes to the combined effort of conserving water in San Marcos and potentially allowing customers to identify leaks sooner.”

San Marcos utility customers who are interested in participating in the program can sign up through the “Service Order” tab of the Customer Connect portal, where they will be notified by email once the water usage reaches the set threshold on a daily or monthly basis. Customers can also change usage thresholds at any time.

Residents can contact utility billing at [email protected].