Kyle City Council may reconsider its vote for Woodmere Park’s Architectural Development Agreement on Feb. 7 at the regular City Council meeting.

In a 5-2 decision Jan. 17, council voted to approve Woodmere Park, a 54.2-acre tract of land at 1500 E. RR 150, on first reading.

According to the development agreement, Woodmere Park will have single-family residences, townhomes and retail. The development has not offered Kyle any incentives, meaning the city is not incurring any fees.

The agreement is tied to a request to rezone the 54.2 acre tract.

The rezone requests, which will come to council for a second reading Feb. 7, are as follows:
  • Retail services from 24 acres to 17.17 acres
  • Single-family residential from 15.83 acres to 22.49 acres
  • Townhomes from 10.57 acres to 14.56
However, as it stands, if a zoning request fails but the development agreement passes, that could open up the city to legal issues, which is why the development agreement is going to be brought up again for reconsideration.

“In our development agreements, what we need to say is that they don’t become effective until final passage of the zoning that they’re correlated with, and that was not in this provision. So moving forward that will be in those provisions,” Mayor Travis Mitchell told Community Impact.

Kyle City Council will hold its regular council meeting at 7 p.m. Feb. 7 at 100 W. Center St.