Becerra voted new Hays County judge


Local business owner and Democratic candidate Ruben Becerra was voted the new Hays County judge, defeating longtime Republican county commissioner Will Conley, according to unofficial election results.

With all precincts reporting, Becerra has 39,859 votes, or 51.72 percent. Conley has so far secured 37,210 votes, or 48.28 percent.

The judge seat was left vacant after Bert Cobb announced in August 2017 that he would step down to receive treatment for leukemia.

Becerra, a former San Marcos planning and zoning commissioner and chair of the San Marcos CISD Bond Oversight Committee and the San Marcos Main Street Advisory Board, ran on a platform of strategic growth, reducing the county’s debt and lowering the “ever-growing burden of property taxes.”

Conley served as Precinct 3 Hays County commissioner from 2004-2016 and is a founding member of the Greater San Marcos Partnership. He ran on a platform of improving traffic flow, school safety and ensuring the preservation of the county’s natural resources.

Editor’s note: This report has been updated to reflect vote totals from all precincts. 

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  1. If Hays County is smart they will keep an open audit on this guy, but this comment won’t be posted because Impact is a Becerra Backer.

  2. Marcella G Jones

    Hays County residents should demand a recall based on the unfair influence of straight party voting, which “elected” a man unfit for the office of County Judge because of Beto O’Rourke’s popularity among Texas State’s student population.
    * Becera is a tax evader, owing 98,000 in State, Federal and county taxes:’s-tax-bills-draw-scrutiny-media
    * Becera was inexplicably forgiven $13,000 in back rent to the City of San Marcos while all his neighbors have had to pay:
    * Becera unbelievably has stiffed the United Way on his $2500 pledge for a table at a fundraiser — which his friends used to eat and drink for free. The United Way is still trying to collect.
    * Becera has twice declared bankruptcy. Lightning apparently does strike twice — or could it be he is fiscally incompetent?

    Becera hitched his wagon to Beto’s “star power”, inflating his numbers with Beto-worshipers who chose the straight party vote — not on his record of “public service”.  In contrast, Will Conley has a proven track record of fourteen years of accountability as a County Commissioner, serving his constituents with excellence, sober judgement and foresight. He has acted with leadership on critically important water rights issues for landowners, striving to save our imperiled wells from actors like EP and Needmore Ranch who would steal our water for corporate profits. Without someone like Will Conley, an independent thinker who can’t be bought by special interests at any price (including $13,000 in back rent), our wells will be in danger from greedy water-grabbing utilities like Aqua Texas, EP and wannabe utility Needmore Ranch.

    If we eliminate the influence of straight party voting, an unfair practice which has now ended with this election, Becera could NEVER win on his record. Hays County residents should demand a recall.  This is the ONLY way to ensure a fair vote for or against Becera.

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