Lacey Dupré was working in corporate America when she learned that she hated it and wanted to be her own boss.

She said she wanted to study the most effective and efficient medicine in the world which, for her, was Chinese medicine.

Zooming in

Jade Seed Wellness—a holistic health care clinic that specializes in treating chronic autoimmune diseases through acupuncture and herbal medicine— opened in December 2022.

Dupré described acupuncture as a “very safe modality” which has the ability to improve sleep, stool and anxiety. She also offers nonneedle acupuncture using Teishin. Teishin is a 2,000-year-old practice that uses a small, silver stylus that treats patients without inserting needles.

Aside from acupuncture, Dupré offers facials using laser or infrared lighting as well as craniosacral therapy and Reiki. Craniosacral therapy is a gentle touch that hones in on the head, spine and sacrum to reduce asymmetry in fluid.

The clinic also offers 400 custom herbal formulas with 500 different herbs. Dupré noted that the formula is based on each individual client.

“I have a whole pharmacy, and I’ll take different formulas or herbs and make custom formulations for each patient,” Dupré said.

Jade Seed Wellness features a shop with a variety of curated items, including throw blankets, cards, books, candles, premier herbs from Tibet, and more.

Some of Dupré’s latest additions include a salt cave and infrared sauna.

Quote of note

Dupré emphasized that she wants people at Jade Seed Wellness to feel seen and heard.

“Part of my mission is to build a strong, holistic health community,” Dupré said.

Looking ahead

In the future, Dupré hopes to purchase her own building in San Marcos to grow Jade Seed Wellness.

“We want to be the holistic wellness epicenter in the Hill Country,” she said.