Austin-based Love C Spot relocated from its food truck at 1701 BeBee Road in Kyle to inside the Bread Basket Convenience Store at 1290 BeBee Road on March 9.

Love C Spot is family-owned by Cinci Tobias with her husband Santos Tobias and their two children. Cinci Tobias said they got a lot of requests when they were in Austin to come out toward Kyle.

"When we came out here a huge chunk of our customers and supporters were already here," Cinci said.

Santos Tobias said relocating to a brick-and-mortar space was "exciting" noting that they will be setting up indoor and outdoor customer seating by the end of March.

The restaurant serves a quesabirria tacos, flautas, burritos, nachos and more.
  • Relocated March 9
  • 1290 BeBee Road, Kyle
  • Facebook: Love C Spot