New owners Eric L'Etoile and his wife, Corley, are making some big changes at The Crystal River Inn, located at 326 W. Hopkins St., in San Marcos.

The overview

The inn changed hands in October after original owners Kathy Dillon and her husband, Mike Dillon, decided they wanted to retire. The Dillons had owned the inn since 1984 and wanted to sell it to someone who would continue running it as an inn.

The inn closed for renovations Jan. 1; however, the four rooms in the Thomas House next door are still operating and available to rent.

The details

The L'Etoiles will be working to fully remodel the inside of the inn as well as upgrade its rooms.

"It will still be very traditional in style, but also very modern," Corley L'Etoile said.

She also noted that the inn will also have 10 rooms instead of nine. Right now there are eight listings, which consist of two double suites connected by a bathroom—which is listed as one listing. Corley L'Etoile said they will disconnect those rooms and add a bathroom, which will allow each room to have its own.

The Crystal River Inn's name will be changed to Hopkins House Hotel once renovations are complete.

Corley said they hope to be back open by the end of April or beginning of May.
  • 326 W. Hopkins St., San Marcos