The Carrington, a wedding and event venue located at 300 Main St. in Buda, has been serving Hays County and South Austin's lovebirds since 2018.

The backstory

The building turned into a venue back in 2015, and in 2018 owners Cari Wible and Franci Siriwardana took over and turned the venue into The Carrington. The building was also an antique store for 35 years prior to becoming the venue. In 1914, the building was home to a drug store and doctor’s offices.

“It’s survived two pandemics at this point,” Wible said.

The details

The boutique wedding venue has two renovated outdoor courtyards and an indoor reception hall, according to The Carrington's website. The Carrington can hold intimate weddings and family gatherings of up to 50 people or large groups up to 275 people. Aside from weddings and events, The Carrington offers photo sessions for couples, families and seniors. The Carrington also offers boudoir photo shoots.

What’s special about it?

The Carrington resides in a 110-year-old building, which Wible emphasized has lot of “authenticity," and explained that venues that have a similar vintage or historic style have done more restoration work, such as whitewashing brick or painting/replacing tin ceilings.

“We’ve done our best to really tow the line between updating and honoring the original history of the building as much as possible,” Wible said.

Notable quote

Wible said more than half, if not 65%, of their business comes from the Hays County and South Austin community. She recalled booking a wedding back in October for a couple who grew up in Buda, went to Hays CISD and had their first date at Meridian.

“Knowing that we get to be such a part of community history and not just this space on the outskirts of town really feels super special,” Wible said.