Halftime Co. Indoor Golf Club, which is located inside Plum Creek Business Park, offers golf year-round.

The golf club is owned by local Justin Baker and has two golf simulators with access to over 300 courses around the world. The golf club also has a putting green area.

Baker said he wanted to get better at golf, which is what inspired him to open Halftime Co. Indoor Golf Club. He also realized that it was not comfortable to play in extremely hot or cold temperatures in Texas.

"I wanted to be able to get better, and so I was like, I need to be able to do this consistently, and that's when I got into the idea of [a] golf simulator. And so for me, I was like, well if I do this, maybe other people in this area would like it as well since we don't have one," Baker said.

He also emphasized that everyone was welcome.

"This is a place where anybody can come in and golf. You don't necessarily have to fit a country club mold," he said.